The Attic

I think I adulted today. It’s simple really, I only put somethings in my parents attic in preparation for my move.

I crawled up into the attic today while my mother, who in her defense had been doing a lot of yard work, struggled to hand me up the first load of boxes I brought home for my post college adventures. While up in the attic surrounded by just four of my boxes I moved the all to familiar luggage out of the way so I could stash my discarded cloths, shoes, and other sentimental items. And I thought to myself is this adulting?

My second thought was why do I have so much crap? 

Somehow in my four years of college and the eighteen years before that I accumulated a lot of stuff. Which I already have a large pile waiting to be donated. Some of the stuff I chose to keep I’m not even sure I’ll actually ever wear post college or want, a stupid little sentimental bug in me fought my hands every time I placed something in my donation pile. Multiple things I can look around at in my room could easily be thrown away or donated and in September when I decide what to do next with my life, I probably won’t miss.

But today I am going to take this small adulting victory. Baby steps, right?

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