How UnTexan of you

Every Texan knows that eating something off a tortilla chip is as close to a heavenly encounter you can get in this beautiful state. We also know that after a long hard day of school, actually my last day of college classes, you come back to your parents house and look for a snack, see a jar of salsa in the fridge and you get happier faster than an egg frys on a Texas summer side walk.

What you don’t expect after pulling out that red majestic jar is to find that your parents have no tortilla chips in their house. I am not opposed to just drinking salsa right out of the fridge. But all I wanted when I saw that jar was to feel its cool jalapeño filled bite against a salty tortilla chip.

You know what goes great with tortilla chips and salsa? Margaritas, but thats probably too much to ask for too.

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