It should be called the “that was not easy” button.

Staples, for years I knew your slogan. As kids me and my brother would go around hitting that button just to hear the words say “that was easy”. Shopping in your stores has been a breeze for years.

But my first time ordering from your stores online was a nightmare.

I know first of all I did give the wrong address, but in all fairness it was given to me by someone who thought they knew the real address. And when I called the next morning to fix the problem you told me it was too late. My order was already out for delivery. But your very kind girl on the phone helped me cancel the order and place a new one.

I thought it was over, but no it was far from over.

All sorts of things must have happened in your system. I had to call back multiple times just to get it all sorted out. I was hung up on twice. Told by your employees they had no idea where either of my orders where at. And just plain irritated.

In the end you did get it all sorted out. Hopefully, I am still waiting on my money back.

What I am taking away from this process is that going into a staples is easy. And ordering online is not easy. You might, just maybe, want to rethink your button.

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