Memorial Day Weekend at Ginnie

By all means do not think that I went to Ginnie to party this Memorial Day weekend. I work at Ginnie. This weekend is supposed to be about honoring the fallen soldiers, but instead the people at Ginnie turned it into a white-trash-free-for-all-who-cares-about-anyone-else-trashy-four-day-weekend-ecxuses-to-party-like-animals.

I do love my job here, despite it only being my second weekend to work at Ginnie. Most everyone I work with I like. Most customers are pretty decent.

I tend to have a happy face for every customer and try to be as cheery and nice as possible. I see no reason to take out others being assholes to me on my next customers, who didn’t come up to me being rude.

With that being said I totally feel like all those people that came up this weekend deserved whatever they got coming to them. Minus the few, and yes I really do mean few, people that actually treated the staff and other weekenders with respect.

It baffles me that people would want to subject themselves to this kind of partying. And if by this point you have no idea what I mean by partying go look up reviews and pictures from this weekend. Better yet I won’t make you Google that shit, I’ll just tell you about the disclaimer I gave to people. “This is NOT a normal Ginnie weekend, people out in the park are excessively drinking, tripping of whatever, driving drunk, profanity, nudity (not like the beautiful body kind), riding around on striper poles, fighting, stealing and more.”

I cannot tell you how many people came into the shop to find lost or stollen items. I cannot tell you how many people lost proof of payment and came in crying. I cannot tell you how many people came in ready to argue over pricing.

I can’t tell you because it happened so many times you would lose interests reading this. And feel so heavily weighted after this that you too would think that people who came to Ginnie this weekend should be scooped up and dumped on their own Island to see what trash is the last one standing.

What I will tell you is that if you want to go to Ginnie for a nice weekend of normal people that aren’t assholes and excessiveness, then please listen and don’t go when its Memorial Day weekend.

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