Why’d you have to ask me about my shoes

Y’all I love my Sperrys. I love them so much I have about 10 pairs. I wear them with dresses, shorts, jeans, work out clothes. If I need to quickly slip on something, I choose my Sperrys.

No joke I want to one day only have Sperrys. I need the creators of Sperrys to design a shoe for everything so I can just exclusively wear them.

Anyways thats not the point to the post.

Towards the end of college I went out with my roommates to a house show. For those of you who don’t know what a house show is, its a house where local bands show up and play music.

We had already gone inside to the heat searing, sweat drenched living room to see a rapper rap. Outside we all causally talked to one another excited about graduation, adulating, and real life. A big guy, the kind that smiles and looks sweet, came up to us and asked us if he could hold us like a princess and take photos with us. So duh we said yes!

Afterwards we just stood off to the side and watched as he picked up other people. A random guy came up and approached me.

He said “I like your green laces”

I looked down to see what shoes I was wearing, my old work ones. White sneakers with green laces.

I simply replied “thanks” and went to turn back to watching the princess pic guy.

But the guy said “I’d like to know what other kind of shoes you have.”

Without a moments hesitation I replied “I have a lot of Sperrys.”

After those words left my mouth and I realized that he was trying to hit on me. I awkwardly stared at him before walking away.

By no means did I want to take home that guy and show him my shoes or whatever. But all I could think about was why I was so dorky that the only thing that I could think to talk about was my enormous amount of Sperrys.



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