I finally understand why adults get fat

As a younger person, and by younger I mean as of a few hours ago, I would judge everyone I saw that wasn’t in shape. Even though I could stand to lose about five pounds and tone up, I still judged other people.

Before a few hours ago I just couldn’t understand why people couldn’t find the time to exercise. How they could just be so lazy, eat so bad, and not find at lease 3-6 hours a week to work out.

And then I bought ice cream at work.

Biting into that chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream in the middle brought me back to summer memories on the lake as a child. It was full of all the fun I had imagined all my customers who had bought ice cream in the shop today having out in the springs.

After I went back to work I could just feel the sugar adding onto the poundage of fat I have. And I felt sick. I didn’t even feel like working out after work. All I wanted to do after work was eat more ice cream and sit on the couch and just veg. That’s all I want to do all week.

I know that I can’t do that. I know that I need to workout. I need to stay healthy. But I can now understand how people can get fat adulating.

One thought on “I finally understand why adults get fat

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