Cafe Nights

Sometimes people are so rude. Take for instance, The New Deal Café, I ate dinner at the restaurant tonight. Everything was going fine until an old man and his wife came into the restaurant. At first, they just seemed like two normal old people enjoying a Tuesday night dinner.

Until the manager came in and showed the man a piece of paper. Of course I had no idea what was happening at first. But then the pieces started to fall together.

The old man had put a sign up on the window of the business. It read “Nude Eel Café”. While this might have been funny if he had asked the manager of the restaurant to put it in the window and take a picture, he didn’t. So of course it is only natural that the manager got upset. He politely went over to the couple, the first set of words they exchanged I didn’t fully get, but I believe that he was asking them if they put the picture in the window. That seemed to really piss the old dude off. He jumped in with “you need a sense of humor”, “I have a lot of wisdom” and “I’m trying to teach you something”. Still trying to figure out what he was trying to teach the manager and what wisdom he has.

The manager walked away, and I could barely hear the old woman trying to tell her husband to calm down. The worst thing to tell someone that is upset is to calm down, the old man started to chastise his wife. Telling her not to talk to him that way, like seriously I would have left him at the table being an ass and waited in the car to rip him a new asshole.

Anyways the manger came back and then it escalated. The old man started telling the manager that he was dumb, had no sense of humor, and was in the wrong. Then he started coming at the manager spouting all kinds of insults at the manger. It looked like he might hit the manager. Another customer in the restaurant was ready to call the police.

And the poor manager handled it as best he could.

I deal with people like that man at least once a weekend at Ginnie. And I just think how is that people get to the point where they feel like they have the right to disrespect a business? How is it that people only see as far as their own nose. But so many people are like that.

Internalizing, I think, we should all just try to be a little more respectful. Then our days, evenings, and moments wouldn’t be tarnished with so much anger.

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