That pesky color grey

I found my first grey hair while brushing my teeth in the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando. I’m 22. This cannot be happening. But it is.

I looked up just momentarily, bent over the sink, tooth brush in my mouth, little grey hair staring me in the face. Or me starting at my grey hair in the mirror reflecting back at me. I do not think this is a reflection of me internally. But I have noticed a few changes in myself in the past few months.

My body feels sorer after working out. I also used to be able to work out for longer. I also notice that I need more sleep. I can’t recover as fast from a hangover. And I can’t drink like I used to. Overall I feel more stressed than I have in the past.

Honestly, these could all be from other factors. But I’m throwing all the blame onto that one little grey hair, that less than two inches of grey.

My aunt and brother tried to calm me down. But they only made it worse by showing me their grey hairs and advice on dying my hair.

I have never dyed my hair. Like ever. My natural brown hair is all I have ever known. It’s all I ever want to know.

I can hear the little voice in my head telling me that one day my natural brown hair will in fact go grey. I know that one day I will have to start dying in to look young.

But for a little while longer, you know into my late thirties, I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about grey hairs spouting in my head.

Do you think Lowe’s can match my hair color to a hair dye if I take some in?

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