Food Signs From the Universe

Do you ever feel the universe is trying to send you a sign? You see the same thing over and over again. It haunts you everywhere you look. In tv shows, billboards, work, ads, other people.

The universe has been shoving donuts in my face for the past few weeks. All I have been able to think about is biting into that sweet glazed light dough, feeling the rush of sugar fill my veins. Wide eyes floating to the ones covered with sprinkles. Each sprinkle a small joy of sugar, glazed in pink, blue, and green. Cake doughnuts feeling moist and heavy. Popping doughnut holes into my mouth.

I have been searching for a doughnut. But not just any doughnut will work. I am looking for one that won’t disappoint me. At this point I think I have worked up into such a big deal in my mind that I don’t know if I will ever be able to eat one again.

Should I go to a small doughnut shop? Should I go to a chain like Krispy Kream? Made fresh? Unique store? Pre-boxed?

Today at the grocery store the store made boxed doughnuts had a sale sign on them. Buy one box get one free. I looked down into that box and those sweet little round fried beauties stared back up at me. But I couldn’t do it.

What if I can never find a doughnut that will live up to the expectations I now have in my mind? What if this is a sign from the universe that I should never eat another doughnut?

Or should I go on a road trip to try doughnuts, searching until I find the perfect one. Searching until the universe gives me a new food sign!

Oh how I wish I could just eat a doughnut right now.


One thought on “Food Signs From the Universe

  1. Shannon

    I feel the same way about buffalo wings, I crave them then can’t find a place that lives up to my taste buds expectations!! What are you trying to tell me universe?!?!?!


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