Happy Birthday To You

I would like to dedicate this blog post to my mommy. Today is her birthday, somehow everything fell into place and on this day many (but not to many) years ago she came into this world and then eventually got to be my mom.

My mom gave her support 110% behind me as a kid. When I wanted to play basketball, a sport she knew nothing about, she went to the library and checked out books on basketball. She spent many hours reading those books, taking me to the gym, and trying her best to help me along. Even when it irritated me or embarrassed my childhood self. I have a mom who no matter if she was an expert or a novice, put herself into my world for me to succeed. My mom spent countless hours driving to and from high schools for early morning practices, far away games, and all day tournaments when she could.

We would spend countless weekends doing movie marathons. Similar to something you might see in Gilmore Girls (a favorite of ours). My mom would take me to the grocery store where we would stock up on snacks. We would go home, order Chinese food, pop in movies or the newest season of Gilmore Girls, and start a weekend of lounging around. We would get so wrapped up into the episodes, snuggled down into the blankets that we would eventually take our eyes away from the screen and see that morning had already come. Still to this day sometimes we’ll sit around, snuggled into blankets, eyes glued to the TV, and I feel like a little kid again. But with more wine.

It was my senior year of high school and my moms friend won tickets to a junior league hockey team. My dad was working a charity event with my brother at the Rangers stadium, my aunt couldn’t go with my mom, and she was running out of options so last minute. She decided to go to the game herself, I couldn’t have it. My mom and I left for the stadium, leaving my friends alone in my parents empty house (she told them to lock up when they left). Neither of us had any idea that our lives would be so drastically changed that day.

A year later we got full season tickets to the Dallas Stars (my first year in college) and kept those seats all four years I was in college. My mom and I made some incredible friends along that journey together. People to this day neither of us would want to live our lifes without. My mom became my hockey buddy.


Hockey not only was something that brought us together several times a week, but also gave us a really good reason to take girl trips. over the last four years we went to Nashville, Phoenix, San Jose, LA, Anaheim, and Tampa. Each city exploring and trying new and old things.

My mother gave me a lot. She gave me a parent on the PTA, even though I saw her as having a stick in her ass, to help know how she could better further me in school. She gave me her car when I got my license, leasing out a pretty sweet one herself. She taught me about alcohol starting when I was 13 so it wouldn’t become something to fear or that was exotic, she wanted us to drink safely and respect alcohol. My mother taught me about sex and afforded me the comfortably to talk to her about it, no judgment passed. My mother gave me amazing advice. My two favorite lines being It’s not the mistake that defines you, but the way you handle the mistake and If in the morning you can’t look into the mirror and be okay with who you are, then don’t do it. And lastly (I could probably keep going but I’ll wrap it) the two favorite things my mom ever gave me are my siblings.

Happy birthday mom. I thought about making a sappy Facebook post but a sappy blog post seemed like a better idea.



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