Preparing For Irma

I just recently learned, as in yesterday, that the Hurricane Irma that everyone has been talking about is actually coming right for Florida. Currently I am living in north central Florida, but I am a Texas a girl. A north Texas girl to clarify.

In case you do not know and have seen the recent news about Texas and Harvey, I lived in the DFW Metroplex. That is about a 5hr drive to Houston. Most people could drive out-of-state in that much time. When a Hurricane has impacted Texas, what mostly happens in DFW is a shortage of gas, food being sent down to the affected areas, and some rain. Nothing near what people had to deal with in Houston, Corpus Christi, and other cities along the coast.

Mostly we deal with tornados in north Texas and you can’t predict much about them several days in advance.

But with Irma people have been talking about her for what seems like weeks, even if it hasn’t been that long. I had no idea it was even a thing until I got a call from my grandmother telling me that I needed to prepare. Seeing as how no one in the area had been freaking out and I hadn’t heard anything. I blew her off, oops!

I first realized that something might be going on when I went into an office supply store and was asked if I wanted to purchase a case of water. The girl probably thought I was being bitchy when I looked at her like she was asking me the weirdest question ever. Who buys water from an office supply store?

Afterwards I went to a frozen yogurt place where I asked the kind lady at the counter what the deal was with this hurricane. She was really helpful and went over a few things. I sent out texts to some other people asking what to do. And even asked some people in person.

So far the advice I got was lots of water, lots of non-perishable food, electricity could go out for a week, really strong winds, and the idea of having to wait inside for days without electricity or gas to take me places.

All this preparation for something that might affect me seemed really crazy when people first started talking to me. I have never been through a hurricane and I figured I was far enough north and inland that it wouldn’t affect me. seeing as how I am about the same distance from Miami as I was from Houston in Texas.

I’m not really sure what to expect, only time will tell. But I have stocked up on lots of protein bars, snacks, beef jerky, sweet peas, and tuna. So hopefully it won’t be as bad as people are saying but I’ll go ahead and expect the worse.

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