5 Years Ago Today

It was my senior year of high school, I was editor in chief of the school newspaper, and I was out for a night with the staff. We had finished up at the restaurant and made our way back to my parent’s house. Everyone was in the game room watching a movie.

My mom came back into the room to tell me that she was leaving to head to a hockey game by her self and meet up with some friends. I immediately asked why no one could go with her. My dad was at a baseball game with my brother doing charity work, my aunt couldn’t go for some reason, and all of my mom’s friends either were going or couldn’t on such short notice. It was going to be my mom and a bunch of other couples.

I couldn’t let that happen. My mom was nice enough to let my high school friends stay in the house to finish up the movie, she told them to lock up when they left. I went and threw on a red outfit, my mom had a yellow outfit.

We arrived at the Dr. Pepper Arena in Frisco ready for both of our first ever hockey games. Now, before this day I had only ever really been into basketball and was getting more into football. My mom wasn’t a huge sports person.

But we arrived wide-eyed and ready to embrace the cold. We found our seats, and good thing I went with her, all of the two sets of seats were spread out across the arena.

We realized as the players from both teams took the ice and prepared for the puck to drop, that one team was yellow and one team was red. Maybe that was our first sign that it was meant to be. We had dressed accordingly!

After the first period, of which we had no idea they weren’t called quarters, we had started to fall hard in love with the sport. The fast pace of the game, people being able to fight, and goal scoring. It was as if someone had taken all the best things from sports and put it onto ice.

We walked around during the first intermission, not called halftime, and wondered was every game as fast-paced and exhilarating?

During the second intermission, we asked a couple of kids what the deal was, we got a vast knowledge of hockey information at once. It was way too much info for us to handle in our awed state.

After the game was finished and we arrived home, we couldn’t stop talking about how amazing the sport of hockey was to my dad and brother. So my dad suggested that we get season tickets. Hockey then became the thing my mom and I did together all through me being in college.

That moment in time kicked off a chain of events that changed my life, and a change I am glad happened. We went from the Texas Tornados Junior League hockey team to The Dallas Stars NHL hockey team.

I made some amazing friendships through hockey. The people who I met have become like family. I have some of the coolest memories with my mom, sitting in the stadium cheering on the Stars. The road trips we made together, the ones with just my mom and the ones everyone went on

My dad made one of the best suggestions in the kitchen that has ever impacted my life, buy season tickets.


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