The Letter From My Hair Dryer

Toilets, running sinks, and showers

Threaten to zap you if I flee

My cord dangles giving me my powers

Breathing out of me heat you cannot see


Low, Medium, or High heat

I can turn Cool at the push of a button too

Your hair using me to cheat

But be careful not to burn off all that shampoo


My friends sit next to me

Some go unused

Like the hair protector

You are supposed to use


Other of my friends feel afraid

Especially the Toothbrush

You smother him,

Drown him,

And force him into your mouth


My dear friend

The foundation

Is slowly being

Powdered away


I lay here on the counter,

Floor, or just in the cabinet

I wait till you need me

For the moment you wish

To suck the water

Out of your hair


I watch you style away

Using me and my friends for your desire

When you are done you leave us straightaway

I get lonely till our next adventure,

just your simple hair dryer

One thought on “The Letter From My Hair Dryer

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