It Was The Strangest Thing

Under a bright sky without a cloud around, I stood behind my grandparent’s house. The garage door was wide open and the white SUV was nowhere to be seen. I hesitantly walked in and approached the back door. As I entered the house all the furniture was missing. I made my way through the den and into the living room. The floors had been perfectly vacuumed. Lines running up and down in the now vacant room.

Around the back of the house, I could hear the hum of a vacuum running. I called out to my grandmother, but the hum of the vacuum drowned out my voice. I looked towards the front door that was wide open to see the park across the street from her house was covered in water. It wasn’t just a little water. What must have been millions of gallons was creeping across the street and towards the front door.

One second I was staring at the water creeping towards me and the next I was standing in my bedroom at my parent’s house. It was dark outside. The kind of dark where monsters live. The kind of dark shadows cannot creep in. The kind of dark you didn’t know if your eyes were open or closed.

All the lights in the house had been dimmed. My mother came in my room, she was talking to me but I had no idea what she was saying. The ground shook. It shook so hard I could feel my bones unset and then reset. I could feel how angry the ground was. The next thing I knew was my mother saying You should probably move your car. 

I immediately went outside to do so. No one was the on the pitch black street. The place I had remembered parking my car was vacant. I could see it up the street in the neighbor’s yard. It seemed strange to me since my car traveled up the hill instead of down it.

I ran to my car as I could feel the darkness pressing into my skin. I felt heavy and I shook with fear. I fumbled with my keys, jamming them into the door. I got into my car and turned on my head lights.

The world changed around me exploding with light. I could see a fire truck up the way lighting up the sky. I slammed on the gas and turned my car around. I floored it away from the fire truck only to be met with a huge line of cars driving in the opposite direction head lights pulsing into my eyes.

And then I woke up. It was the strangest thing.



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