P.S. I Love You

Fresh picked strawberries

And a French baguette

Beside the crystal blue waters

The morning mist rolled in

The sunrise was an orange freeze


Wildflowers covering the forest edge

The rain kissed leaves dripped

Onto the soft floral below


We strolled the beach grass

It was our summer escape

You looked like pure innocence

The morning song was turning

Into a beautiful day


The sky turned apple lavender

You bit into a perfect peach

Your mind went to a Paris daydream

The Montana mountain air crept down

I gave you one last sunset serenade

Before I pulled you through the fresh waterfall mist

And gave you one more dark kiss



The cranberry woods around me

Wouldn’t let you be mine anymore

It was a winter wonderland

And you left me in the winter ice

I stood by your body in the twilight woods

As you drifted into a tranquil sleep


Your mind at peace in the dream fields

I sang  you into a cinnamon heaven

Sparkling snowflakes fell from above

To the ground beneath you a snow kissed berry




The air changed to a cool spring

An April mist rolled in

The now spring meadow

Hint at the first blooms


Months later I stand by the lakeside

And listen to the mountain song

I imagine I’m with you in the Paris nights

Hearing you sing to me love love love

Us, sweet on Paris


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