The State Of Alabama Just Gave Americans Hope

I don’t know about you but as I am watching the close call on Alabamas new state senator be called my eyes have filled with tears. Doug Jones has won, giving us all hope in the very dark world we have found ourselves in.

Jones winning the seat means the people of Alabama have said they do want a man accused of sexually assaulting at least eight women to represent them in D.C. This is huge in the fight to stand up against behavior that demeans women, and men, in this country.

The movement of #metoo has spread like a wildfire in 2017 causing a chain of events. We have seen more and more silence breakers, as Time Person of the Year called the brave women (check out the article here ), come forward and speak out against harassment and assault. It has caused a chain reaction not only in the mainstream media, in Americans everyday life, but now our Government.

We the people still have a long way to go. The race, in my opinion, was too freaking close.  With 93% of the vote in Jones came in with 49.7% and Moore with 48.6%. In my opinion, Jones should have come in closer to 90%. My fellow Americans let this kick-start a revolution, let this be another one of those moments that defined change and moved us towards a better place. Each time we choose to not ignore the kind of behavior Moore has shown, we push ourselves towards a society of respect.

Today the people of Alabama won. Today the war to stop sexual harassment and assault got another victory under its belt. Today we did something positive.


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