Massages In The Morning

Good morning from Costa Rica, where it is actually closer to noon, but I feel so relaxed that I don’t care what time of day it is. Let me set the stage for you: A beautiful tropical house that sits up in the mountains looking down into a cove that stretches out into the ocean, two very talented masseurs are waiting for you to lay down and with their hands relax you into a trance that can only be accompanied by the sounds of birds and a light breeze that cools the warm morning air. And it is perfection.

While I wish this could be my everyday morning ritual, I know that sadly in a few days I will have to go back to reality. I will have to leave warm inviting Central America and travel back to chilly North America.

Costa Rica, so far, has been a warm welcoming adventure. Filled with relaxation and friendly locals. Besides renting a house and getting massages on the back porch in the morning, I have a few a more tips for you from my trip.

  1. You must get the ceviche. It is beyond amazing. You can taste the lime against the fish, paired with the onions, fresh tomatoes, and the cilantro, it will have you wanting to soak up every last drop with the amazing crackers accompanying the dish.
  2. Seafood, mariscos en Español, is a must. Carne (beef) and Pollo (chicken) are also good choices. But when you are this close to the ocean eat the actual fresh fish! They serve it so seared, grilled, in garlic sauce (I recommend), blackened, in rice…
  3. You can get by with a little Spanish. We really were gearing up to be able to fumble our way through conversations, but so far everywhere we have gone someone or everyone speaks enough English to get by.
  4. If you have never travelled outside of the country then Costa Rica is a good choice to look into. You can find a lot of common American food brands in the grocery store. Like Dr. Pepper, and Y’all that is a rare thing. When I lived in Southeast Asia as a kid you could sometimes on a rare day find a can of that sweet Dr. Pepper for about 10 USD! So if they have Dr. Pepper then I bet you can imagine all the other stuff they have (Cheetos, Coke, Jones Soda, Prego, M&M, Oreos…).
  5. Pineapple which I, of course, didn’t eat but by the other six people in my group it was apparently delicious. The Pina Coladas everywhere we went, also by definition of my group, where tropically delicious and easy to drink (which can be dangerous!).
  6. If flying into Liberia, before you clear customs stop in the liquor store and pick up a few cheap bottles. The prices in Colón are not easy to translate on the spot and it may look like a good deal in the store but back in the states its way cheaper.

And as of right now I am way too relaxed to keep typing so look for more to come in a later post! Adiós mis amigos!

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