I Love You Josh Gates

Fair warning y’all this is me about to fangirl in the post below.

I love you Josh Gates, or really I am in love with your TV shows. You can find him on the travel channel, but don’t worry y’all he is actually one of the good ones to watch.

If you are like me then you absolutely cannot stand those reality TV shows that start off with a host or a team of people who promise to search for and give the answers to mysteries and then literally find nothing. I just literally wasted an hour of my time watching you tell me nothing. I was completely turned off from watching reality TV shows for a long time until one night my mom asked me to hang out with her and over a glass of wine, she introduced me to Josh. And I was hooked. Anytime I watch TV with her now she knows not to even ask what I would like to watch, she just turns on Josh and I’m rooted into my seat.

A few of the reasons I love Josh Gates is that he actually goes out and does all the crazy stuff, like diving in the pitch black night in murky shark infested waters to bring you answers, or hunting down legends deep into caves with leeches in the dead night, or hunting down ghosts into old ruins even when things get a little scary. I have seen him jump from a helicopter into the water, seen team members run into the water to try and get a better shot of something they see out in the distance, and seen them run into rickety structures because they heard a noise. The show is packed with nonstop exciting adventure that will keep your eyes glued.

If you’re not sold yet, and I don’t know why you wouldn’t be, then let me tell you about his personality. His commentary alone always brings a little extra chuckle to the show, his team will sometimes act out famous movies scenes when they arrive in a place, they almost always show you how the team interacts with the locals and the funny situations they get into (like standing with no pants on the street or a getting a local facial hair trim), the chemistry that the crew has on screen is amazing and another reason to stay seated. Or when its just Josh alone he can stand his own, making it a one-man show that keeps you entrained.

But the best part is they actually make a decision on what they found. He tells you, yes I think there is something more here and here is why. Or he tells you no, here is why I don’t think there is anything more here and it’s just a legend. The show even goes the extra step to bring in experts to help explain and justify what Josh is telling us! I feel like I spent an hour being entertained and excited, not let down. And with very busy life schedules we only have a limited amount of time to unwind.

If you are like me and tired of the boring old TV shows that build you up high and then let you down plummeting off a cliff at the end, then check out Expedition Unknown and Destination Truth. You will not regret it.