Apple Martinis in Bowling Green for my first drink of the day. And by drink, I mean something that wasn’t coming to me in a shot glass. It was my last birthday in College and I had spent the early morning hours taking shots in Denton before briefly sleeping it off to fly to Kentucky for work. I remember almost every part of that day, I was awake for all but about four hours of it.

The calmest part of drinking that day was spent at the Montana Grille, I know we probably should have eaten at some place that was more Kentucky like but y’all this place had some amazing food and an atmosphere to match. I spent that brief period of time with two of my favorite people to travel with. You see I made the guys come out with me on every road trip to eat at a cool place, nothing that we could find back in our local area, which always prompted for interesting nights.

I spent my 22nd birthday with a lot of different people and every moment of it was a blast, resulting in it being my favorite birthday yet. The meal was a moment spent laughing over drinks and good food with friends, a moment in time that made spending my birthday night in a different state a treat. My first drink of the day was more than just a drink, it was a moment I spent celebrating a special part of college and realizing that even though my job as a videographer would end my memories of the people I met and the experiences we shared would remain beautiful to look back upon. With an apple martini in my hand we kicked off the start to a night filled with laughter.


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