Me and Payton party

Butts or more specifically my butt was the topic of a speech given by my best friend at a party in college. It was a night where she first introduced me to her now Fiancées friends and I knew only her in the room. If I hadn’t been buzzed from the drinking it probably would be have been really awkward standing in the middle of a room facing my best friend with her arms wrapped around me talking to a bunch of strangers about how awesome my butt is.

P loves butts, its just one of the things that is uniquely hers. And throughout college we would watch Bobs Burgers, it has always been a running joke that she is Tina and I am Louise. If you’ve never seen the show then you should know that Tina is obsessed with butts and is constantly talking about them.

Having a speech given about how great your butt is a total compliment and a mood booster. If I hadn’t been drinking I probably would have wanted to run out of the room and hide my butt from everyone. One of the best things about college was finding confidence in things that I felt were awkward about me. College felt like one of the first times since I was a little girl that I could really step into who I am as a person and care so much about what others think about me. I have started to realize that the people around me who care about me will accept all my quirks and not shun me for them.

Finding people that care about who you are and not what they want you to be is an important step in becoming an adult. Moving out of my parents’ house and entering the college atmosphere gave me a chance to branch out and find like-minded people who deep down really do care about my happiness and I am grateful for those friends. So P keep the speeches to random strangers about how awesome my butt is coming, my mom totally aggress that I have a cute butt 😉

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