Dancing until two in the morning till they kicked us out of the bars was my favourite way to end a night out.  It wasn’t always the ending of the night but it sure was a great way to stay at the bars without feeling like you had to order another drink. On a side note, I never could understand why people tried to dance with a drink in there in hand?

If you’ve ever been down to fry street in Denton then you know there isn’t a lot of places to go dancing. Well, I can only think one place: Public House. Right on the end of the street across from the Language building Public House stood as one of the only two-story bars on the street.

The first floor would turn into a dance floor on busy nights. And it would get packed. My friends and I would form a circle and dance it out as popular songs filled the bar air. In between moving to the music, we would constantly have to tell random strange guys that would come up to try and dance with us that we just weren’t interested. It was our time to be together and shake it off.

In that moment between the beats of the music, surrounded by my closest friends in college, everything felt absolutely magical on the floors of Public House.


Pictured: My three roommates and me happy after dancing at Public House on my 22nd birthday. 

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