Guns In America

This will be a controversial post, so if you do continue to read then all I ask is that you try and keep an open mind, clear eyes, and remember to clean out your ears and focus on what is being said.

I am neither pro-guns or anti-guns. I can understand on both sides why parts of the arguments work. Recently on Facebook, I came across a video of Congresswoman Kathrine Clark apologizing to future shooting victims. And it really got my brain turning.

Video is on my Facebook page (you can access it on the right side of the page under my Instagram photos)

The video was obviously biased in the sense that she was calling for gun control. But a few points struck me as interesting. Towards the end of the video, she apologized to each future victim by saying that she was sorry that Congress wouldn’t do anything for them but say there thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families left devastated. That kind of made me angry, as I’m sure it would make you.

Why has it become so common place that all we can expect from people who have been elected to put us, the American people,first to do nothing?

I feel frustrated and confused. What if it was me next? I would want the person who so senselessly took my life to pay for it.

I would want my grieving mother and father to know that someone is doing something to make sure that this never happens again.

I would want my little brother to know that I would have been the best aunt to his kids one day if I only I could have gotten the chance.

I would want my best friend to know that I wish I could be with her to lounge in the pool and drink cocktails on a hot summer day.

If all of that could be taken away from me, or you, then why would are we putting lives at risk?


Yet on the flip side if I was walking from my car to my front door late at night and someone tried to sexually assault me and a gun could help prevent that then I’m in, on average 200,000 women use a gun to prevent sexual assault a year. Cause you know Congress isn’t doing much about that either.

60% of polled robbers said they wouldn’t try to rob someone if that person also had a gun on them.

If I could use a gun to save my life, get to hug my parents one more time, one day become the best aunt to my brothers kids, and drink summer cocktails in the pool with my best friend then I am all in to have the right to own a gun.

Link to where I got my info is at bottom of post. And I encourage you to research both sides further.


I think like most people a lot of my confusion and frustration comes from not knowing. I have never learned how to shoot a gun, I have a little knowledge about gun safety, and I have never had a loaded one pointed at me facing the very real possibility of death.


When I was a young child I lived on an Island in southeast Asia called Sri Lanka. One thing that has always stuck with me is the image of armed soldiers on the street holding guns.

A judge a few doors down from our house was killed.

A man came into our house late at night and tried to rob us, my mom need up following him out of the house.

Was I safer living in a country where I couldn’t get a gun? Am I safer living in a country where I can get a gun?



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