Jane The Virgin, The 100, Community, Smallville, are just some of my guilty pleasures. Basically, I just love teen/young adult TV. Let’s go ahead and throw into the mix Teen Wolf, One Tree Hill, Riverdale, Timeless, seriously I don’t even know why I am still trying to list all of these shows out there is just so many!

But let me back you up to the end of high school/beginning of college. This girl right here would have denied to the grave that she ever watched those kinds of shows. No, she was way to cool and sophisticated to be inside of a fandom. I would never stay up late at night playing out what I thought would happen to the characters and space out in class daydreaming about the next episode because I needed to find out what happened next.

Watching the shows had almost become my dirty little habit. I would plug in my headphones, get myself into a corner where no one could see me, and be all secretive about what I was doing. Pretending like I was way to cool for it all.

Why you ask, well its because I thought people would judge me. Even if someone else said they liked one of those shows I would just pretend like I had never seen it and had no idea what they were talking about while I was secretly shipping characters in my head and thinking oh I already know all of this.

I wonder now how many friendships I missed out on because I felt alone, fear holding me back from sharing my love for the on-screen drama. I used to tell people I didn’t use youtube or they couldn’t use my account because I couldn’t remember all the login in info. Really I was embarrassed that they would see that I spent lots of my time watching videos that other people put together of my favourite couples or videos of the ones I was shipping. I kept a part of me secluded for such a long time that I felt terrified that someone would discover my secret and I would be outcasted.

I buried my love for those shows so deep inside of me it became second nature to deny that I had ever seen or heard about said TV show.

I felt secluded and buried deep until I took a class in college called Youth in Media. It changed my life.

  1. I discovered Tumblr. I know I am super late to the party but I found a place where I could connect with others who also loved the same shows as myself. And totally fangirl about it (in that not so intense kind of way).
  2. I realized that a lot of the people in my class, around the same age as me, also loved those shows and they let it be known. Which was shocking to me that people I thought were cool liked the shows I thought made me lame.
  3. We watched Jane The Virgin. Before my professor told us one episode was homework she asked who all in the class had seen the show. I kept my hand down for fear of being the only weirdo. But to my surprise, a good number of people had raised there hands. My Professor loved the show and as it turned out other people did too. I had already seen the whole first season and was watching the second one as it was airing at the time. It was in that moment that I realized I wasn’t some rare weirdo breed who loved TV shows. I was one of the many people invested into a fandom.

The most important lesson I learned from that class was that its okay to do you. And sometimes you might just make a connection with a friend that you didn’t know was there.

I hope if you have any fears about feeling rejected for liking a certain TV show or genre of music or movie that you can take comfort in knowing that we all have a guilty pleasure.


3 thoughts on “J

  1. Lauren

    I could not get into Jane the Virgin, love the 100, watched Community with my ex, and have always wanted to watch Smallville…. I need something new to watch. Help!


    1. Lauren

      and YAS to Riverdale and One Tree Hill! But seriously, I’m in the same boat. I always get really embarassed to tell people my favorite shows too. Like Grey’s Anatomy. Hater going to hate, but I’m glad to know I’m not the only one! I love you!


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