Ladies on ladies on top of ladies, and while this may sound like erotic fiction, I have not taken up writing about sexual fantasies quite yet. This story actually happened to me, or more so on top of me.

This was a night early in college when I was at a party. I won’t name the location or the people involved in the events that transpired on that couch that night, but I will tell you about the moment I froze as two…and I’ll get to that.

This was one of those moments in college that you see in a movie. You know the kind where the shy awkward freshman encounters all the cool juniors and seniors. They open up the freshman to the idea that anything goes in college. Embarking the freshman on a wild ride for the next four years.

But my life is not a movie, and for the most part, I wasn’t a shy awkward freshman. I was the girl sitting on a couch in shiny gold, and as I referred to them, hooker pants. They were beyond fun to wear, you could see yourself in the reflection of my…and again not that kind of story.

Since I’m to the point of being able to legally walk into a liquor store and buy a half a case of wine if I want to, I’ll spill the beans I was 19 and having a really good buzz.

Which kind of makes the whole thing seem like a movie, so put on your buzzed glasses and imagine that you are sitting on a couch with three other girls. You are just minding your own business when girl one leans over you. You don’t think much about it till girl four is almost spilling into girl three’s lap. And the next thing you know girl one and girl four are locking lips.

Having no idea how these events transpired you look at girl three, who is desperately looking at you, just as confused. It happened and was over really fast. Being slightly awkward I had no idea if I should get up or stay. The events that happened after that kiss lead to a fist fight, people throwing up in the yard, and well you know a lot more drinking.

And that is the story about how two girls practically climbed over me to get to each other while I sat there seeing my face reflected back from my shiny hooker pants.

Welcome to college.

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