Old Fashion Kind Of Romance

It seems that everyone my age is either married, engaged, has a significant other, or is using dating apps. No really. I had a good friend from college get married last summer, my best friend is getting married next year, my sister is getting married next weekend, I have a cousin and an old friend from childhood getting married later this year. I have multiple friends who have met old or current boy/girlfriends on all kinds of apps. And then there are people like me. We aren’t married, we aren’t engaged, we aren’t even using apps, we just are. It’s not that we aren’t trying.

Honestly, I have no idea where to start in this dating world anymore. I took such a long break after I got my heart hurt that sometimes I don’t know how to open myself back up. And when it comes to online dating, opening myself up seems like falling off a cliff and knowing it will hurt.

Disclaimer: I have never been on one of those apps before. I have no idea how to even do it. From what I understand you pick people based on pictures and the information they want you to know. It’s like ordering something off of Amazon that doesn’t have a single review. You can see what the product looks like, you can see what they tell you about it but you have never seen the product in real life so what if it is all a lie? What if the product arrives and it happens to come with a mailman that wants to cut you up into tiny pieces in its basement?

My romantic heart doesn’t flutter at the idea. My stomach doesn’t fill with butterflies. My body doesn’t feel that excited nervousness it does before a first date.

What does make my heart flutter, give my stomach butterflies, my whole body nervous is it naturally happening, an old fashion kind of romance.

As my mom’s dad will tell you he saw a babe sitting in church and knew he had to get her attention. He sat behind her crunching carrots loudly until she turned around and the rest is history.

On my dad’s parents first date my Louisiana born and raised grandma told my Texan born and raised grandpa she didn’t like Texans. Guess he knew she was the one, a several weeks after that date he proposed to her.

I want to see someone in a grocery store and bond over our shared favorite addiction to fake cheese, I want to be a regular at a local coffee place and see someone over and over again that we eventually talk and fall madly in love.

I want a natural right time right place kind of romance, the rest of you can keep your apps.

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