Giving My 2 Weeks

I just adulted again, just a few minutes ago I made a huge step in adulting. I put in my first two weeks notice!

Now hold up. Haven’t I had other jobs and wouldn’t I have told them I was leaving two weeks prior? Or, gasp, was I one of those people who just quits before my shift throwing off everyone’s schedules. No, that isn’t me.

My football job in college had an expiration date, you have to be a student to be a student videographer. So it goes to say that when I graduated I was going to be done working. When working at Ginnie I trusted someone with the information of when I was going to be putting in my two weeks and they told my boss two weeks before I was ready.

Which brings us to this lovely Friday. I did it, folks! With a little help from my mom and aunt, I crafted an email that was refined and is going to leave me on good terms with the company (why burn a bridge if it doesn’t have to go up in flames?).

I am free!

Well in two weeks. Can I say that it feels good to say goodbye sometimes. Not that I didn’t enjoy or like my job. I just outgrew it. As we all outgrow things. When we are kids we want to eat nothing but chicken nuggets for the rest of our lives and then we grow up and discover Thai food.

Here it is, another check mark on the list of things adults do, have I made it yet or am I still trying to make it?

Who knows! All I know is I am moving onto bigger and brighter things.

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