Oceans sigh into the sand

rolling back like a yawn about to break again

My child feet squirmed to run to you

The two of us curiously watching each other from afar


I took to you like a long lost fish

You wrapped me safely in a wet blanket


Along the ladder of age

And the thickly covered path of life

I lost my fins and my gills faded away


Somewhere into adulthood I stepped back by

And heard you sing your lullaby

I was hesitant at first

fighting what I knew inside


Your waves rocked me until I felt my stomach began to hurl

I was told to get in with haste


I flipped into you

Submerging my self in


We explored new parts of each other

Me safely back with your arms wrapped around me

That summer day I found you again

And you gave me back your ocean grace


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