He Probably​ Thinks I’m Crazy

Raise your hand if you are the awkward one in your family. Now stand up if you are the awkward pickle that acts like a weirdo around people you find attractive.

You are not alone my fellow awkward pickles.

I have this cute neighbor. He lives just across the way and I’ve seen him going to and from work a few times. And taking out his super cute dog to potty.

I casually walked out of my apartment to run a few errands. My hands being full of boxes I was taking to the post office and my sunglass sitting on my top off my head in the midday summer Texas sun I started shaking my head to try and get them to fall down. The darn things wouldn’t budge, barely being a few steps outside my door I let out a groan.

It wasn’t a cute little ugh or pfft. No, it was a full-on man-sized Ugnhhm.

I looked over to see him staring at me. I shifted the boxes and dropped my sunglasses laughing way to awkwardly and walked off.

Now he probably thinks I’m crazy. So much for my love life.


One thought on “He Probably​ Thinks I’m Crazy

  1. Shannon M Walker

    I wonder if he blogs too and he wrote a blog about you… something like “I have this beautiful neighbor who I think was having a stroke today when she walked out into the Texas heat…”


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