It Started With The Vampires

The stairs in front of me were dark. But I could make out a faint light at the end. I knew I had to go fast, I could hear them behind me.

I made it to the top and locked the dark doors behind me. I had spilled out into a large study like room. The room had tall windows and huge curtains. They felt lightweight in my hand.

I could hear they had reached the doors and had begun to try and break them down. I hid behind the curtains with the warm sunlight falling onto my back. I waited for the Vampires to break into the room.

It didn’t take long before the four vampires spilled into the room. They were looking for me. As they approached closer to my hiding spot I tore open the curtain expecting light to spill on them and burn them alive.

All of a sudden the windows were covered with sun shades. The Vampires started laughing. So I ran away again. I made it outside to a huge pool party at the mansion I had found myself in.

The sun was shining down and everyone was having a good time. So I decided to join in. But I could still feel that the Vampires trapped inside wanted to kill me.

As I was swimming around I met a group of people who all wanted to run away and escape their lives, so we all bought plane tickets on Icelandic air.

We left the party and arrived immediately on the plane. But the weird thing was, that this plane was about three times the size of any other plane I had ever been on. We took our seats and our flight took off.

A little while later we hit a bunch of turbulence. The Pilot came on to say he was sorry and to keep your seats buckled up.

I decided to look out the window and noticed that we were flying only a few feet away from a highway in Puerto Rico. The Pilot almost hit a few cars before landing the plane on the highway. He started driving in the traffic. No one seemed concerned.

The Pilot drove us all the way across from Puerto Rico to Texas and then I woke up.

Good Morning Everyone!

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