Red, Red Rash

I don’t usually talk about my health on here. Sometimes I talk about my workout journeys but rarely about what is going on internally. I won’t dive into the whole pie today and bore you with them details.

For a few years now I have been having allergic reactions to food. I have been tested for a ton of stuff and nothing has ever come back positive. Yet I get rashes, hives, my airway gets tight, my mouth hurts, my stomach feels funny and its all together a not so fun experience.

As a result, I am really careful with what I eat. I have cut out foods that make me sick, I have started eating more organic foods (I don’t usually have reactions with them), and track the reactions.

Today I did everything right. I ate vanilla yogurt-never had a reaction, I ate a berry pomegranate chia cliff bar-never had a reaction, I got a passion fruit tea from Starbucks-never had a reaction.

But I started getting short of breath on my drive back from the other side of town, at first I brushed it off as me being busy and running around. I’m still working hard at getting in shape.

I arrived at my kickboxing class and went to change out of my business clothes and into my workout ones when I noticed a red rash on my chest. I had been feeling a bit itchy but hadn’t thought anything of it. My chest started to become super red and itched, the rash was spreading wide and my breath still felt strained. I was nervous about my class. But we still had a few minutes before it was going to start. I figured I would just stay and see if it got better.

Luckily I started to feel my breath even out and my chest stopped itching.

But its always one of those scary things. Something I have eaten, something I know is safe could just give me a reaction.

This has happened plenty of times before. I normally carry around an EpiPen, I haven’t in a while, cause I mostly feel a little silly for doing so and they are so expensive.

Today was a scary experience. I have seen five different doctors and an allergist yet nothing is conclusive.

Somedays I think it’s nothing, other days I think they never will know, and sometimes I just hope that a doctor would tell me how to deal with the stuff that happens. Playing the waiting game really sucks.

Anyways, it was scary and it sucks. But I’m just going to keep truckin’ on.

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