Puppy in his hand was not moving. It felt like the air in the room had been sucked out the moment life was supposed to be brought in. 


Cali and Dakota were the first dogs I lived with in college. Not going to name names but one particular red Sperry you chewed up the brown laces to those shoes still sit in my closet today. I believe somewhere out there a person was fed up enough of puppies chewing things up and invented doors. Well, it’s probably a better story then what actually happened. As any friend caught between two dogs of two people who dated one was lost to the dark unknown of breaking up. To be honest Cali, at first I liked Dakota better. But to this day I wouldn’t trade my cold little duck for any other dog. You are the best cuddler in the morning and love being warm almost as much as I do. Most days you are a quiet and gentle dog. And besides taking a dump in my closet in college while staring me down I couldn’t ever get mad at you.


It was a Saturday in May of 2016 and Chihiro was in labor. My poor best friend was stuck at her boyfriend house watching his roommate who was out of towns dog. When I arrived the normally really friendly hyper dog looked exhausted and was untrusting of me being so close to her newborn babies. That quickly changed as P and I helped her through the delivery process. The house was empty except for two hesitantly nervous and excited girls and a birthing dog.


To this day I swear Atlas ate my cactus, Cali probably isn’t completely innocent in the murdering of my dear Jack. Jack the Christmas Tree was my first in the long line of the two cacti I have had. I was very proud I was keeping him alive and devastated to find him brutally slaughtered when I came home from a work trip in college. But I guess that’s why they say you can’t have nice things, at least at dog height.


It was a long day in May as Chihiro pushed out each little baby. They could fit neatly in the palm of your hand, wanting to snuggle in close. Burrowing themselves inside the shirt right near where your heart is. It’s a strangely stressful but yet calming thing to be the person holding something minutes old. Each little tiny life supported by the weight of your hands, hands that helped the animal who did the work bring the little lives into this world.


Winnie hard cord believes she is a lap dog. When she was little, although that was not for very long, she might have sat comfortably on your lap. Winnie being the equivalent of 6’5″ person in dog standards needs a minimum of two laps to sit comfortably. Winnie was the last dog to move into the apartment in college. And by far the best dog at stealing food. Towering like a small pony Winnie could easily get up on the counter and eat your huge container of taco soup you left to cool while taking a shower. Winnie could also do this is if you left a bunch of red velvet cupcakes on the counter for a roommate’s birthday celebration. Trust me you do not really want to see a dog have red diarrhea. Winnie, however, is the sweetest most loving dog you will probably ever meet. Each day she sees you she runs up to you and drops her back onto your feet paws up to the sky and belly exposed for some rubs. But if she deciedsto jump be careful beacuseshe can tackle you like a linebacker. 


Another one was coming, Q-the boyfriend of P had made it back home. The little pup came out and was still inside the sack, as most of them had been. However Chihiro was exhausted, her usual playful energetic self replaced by a dog going through hard labor. We rushed in to help the poor thing out. Tearing the sack off the body, the small delicate life lay in the hands of Q not breathing. Three pairs of eyes staring at the little still life. The air gone from the room. Time passing as if you stood in tar waiting for something to happen. And then it did. The little guy moved, and as he took his first breath so did all of us. 

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