Qualified as described by the dictionary is meeting the proper standards and requirements for a task. In real life to be qualified is not as easily described by the dictionary. While in college I had to become qualified to advance in my major. Being qualified led me to expand my learning and by definition understanding who I am.

Qualified to do things such as take three or four thousand level class. Small victories in the grand scheme of college. But none the less it had meant I put in the time to gain a base level of knowledge to take a class such as Women in Film. Which gave me a whole new meaning to feminism and how I see myself in the world. Advance and Intermediate fiction writing where I broadened my skills as a fiction writer being challenged to write the stories in my head and have my peers review it to my face. The real skill learned was how to take their criticism and push my writing to be better. Or Scene Analysis that took me away from looking at a movie in whole to breaking down each piece to understand what that moment meant. Understanding the delicacy those moments held inside the larger story.

Qualified to graduate. I officially submitted my form to graduate and I was both thrilled to be done with school and I wished I could take a few more classes. Classes that I had already earned the qualifications to take.

I wondered if I had taken Media in the 21st century instead of Women in Film would I be different. How would I view feminism? Would I ever have stumbled upon the film PersepolisHow does taking certain classes offered in my major and not taking the others “qualify” me to be ready to graduate with a degree in the field? I could breakdown the whole catalog and wonder what kind of a person I would be if I had rearranged my schedule taken classes at a differnt point in the semester, different proffesors, classmates.

Then I had to remind myself of the words my mother has spoken often. Everyone takes the same road of life but we all travel different paths to get their.

As I stood in line ready to walk the stage the last thing that would symbolize all the hard work that made me a qualified candidate to have my BA, I came to understand that all my classes were finished, the test had been taken, and the formalities to get me to graduation done with I knew in that moment I had earned to be here.

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