Cheap Sunglasses and Expensive Shoes

I wear cheap sunglasses and expensive shoes. It’s a rule my dad has preached to me my whole life. So I would buy my sunglasses from Charming Charlies, Walmart, Target, anywhere really that sold them for under $10 a pair. Really anytime I want to buy a pair that’s over $10 dollars I hear my dad get all skeptical in my brain and I only purchase them if I HAVE to have them. Which was once, they cost $15 don’t tell my dad.

And I have had a lot of pairs of sunglasses over the years. But not shoes. Well, I have a lot of shoes. But I don’t frequently shop for them.

I attribute that to buying expensive shoes over the course of my life. I bought a pair of black heeled leather ankle boots from Johnston and Murphy when I was sixteen. They look like I have given them good use, but they still look really nice and are so comfortable.

Eight years later while trying on clothes in a dressing room I slide my foot out of my shoe and I felt the inside lining pull off. Panic overtook me and I grabbed my fallen comrade to examine her closely.

Yes, a line running vertically split the insole. I, of course, had to tell my mom about this tragedy. She suggested seeing if I could get it fixed and that’s not a bad idea.

For the skeptics out thier about how much expenisve shoes cost I am going to do some dad math for y’all. And I don’t mean math the way my dad does it. Which I still don’t understand how he doesn’t comprehend saving money when you buy something on sale but anyways.

Math I do to convince my dad it was a good purchase, I don’t really do this anymore since I became an adult but when I was a teenager this math was my best friend although I usally always got a heavey sigh.

The boots had to be about $200-$250, before you die reading this just wait for the math to be over. So for the purpose of this exercise we will call them $225.

I bought them eight years ago so that means it cost me $28.13 a year to wear the shoes. I know my dad would argue that I did not save $28.13 for eight years to buy the shoes, but we are talking about the lasting value of the shoes. And if I bought a really cheap pair I probably would have spent more over the last eight years replacing them. Or had problems with my feet, back, knees. Oh it could have been a real Shakespearen tragedy.

I love those black heeled leather ankle boots in a different way then I have loved my sunglasses. And trust me I have loved some sunglasses. The green ones with white polka dots ($4 Walmart), the green ones my mom bought me off the side of the road in Florida ($15), purple and black ones ($6 Walmart), the pink ones that make you see the world in pink ($7 Charming Charlies).

The philosophy behind my dad’s rule is that you will lose or break your sunglasses so why waste a bunch of money on them. Your feet will take you everywhere you go, so take care of them.

And constantly buying sunglasses means I can take lots of different selfies! And maybe that’s not a good enough reason for you. So let me tell you two things. First I scuba dive and you know how many pairs of sunglasses I find? Especially river diving or where the boats anchor for the night. I have found Oakleys down at the bottom. Some sucker dropped at least $140 and it’s GONE. Unless you have someone like me who can jump in after them and but good luck finding them.

The second reason is that while in Aruba a few months ago we went on an ATV tour. My mom drove, as she is basically a driving expert, and I sat in the front next to her. It had rained quite a bit and the dirt had turned into a lot of mud. Aruba terrain is also quite rocky. while we got drenched in mud we also had a lot of little rocks and dirt clumps flying up at us. At the end of the tour my moms, expensive Ralph Lauren sunglasses were scratched badly. My cheap pink pair form Charming Charlies looked the same as when I bought them, perfect.

Also, does anyone else just love the smell of new leather shoes? Opening that box and being hit with that beautiful leather smell just sends a smile to my face and happiness to my toes. If I cannot get the boots fixed I guess I will have to go buy a new pair. At least the boxes will smell really good.

If this is the death of my black heeled leather ankle boots then a warm thank you is earned from my feet. I will desperately miss you.

Now who wants to help me shop for a new pair?

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