Texas, My Texas

Texas independence was official 183 years ago today. Of Course, I am stating this for all those non-Texans out there.

For those of you who know me and how much I love this state, it might come as a surprise to find out that neither of my parents had the privilege of being born here. It gets even worse, only one, yes one, of my grandparents was born in the state of Texas.

There are a couple rumors saying we got kicked out of the state of Alabama for being horse thieves but that has never been confirmed, but it does make for a great story.

On my grandfathers side my family has been in Texas for 170 years. My great great great grandfather Wesley Clark Walker or W C Walker moved to Texas from Alabama and according to my grandparents he was Free Mason, you can read about him here. 

My grandfather was born in a community called Sweatbox in his grandparent’s farmhouse in East Texas. My father was born in a pre-civil war Louisiana hospital. But he was almost born in Dallas. I could have been 5th generation Texan.

As I am sure a lot of people are doing right now, I am blaming the IRS for my father’s birthplace. My eighth-month pregnant grandmother had to choose between moving to Albuquerque and New Orleans for my grandfather’s job. He was an internal auditor for the IRS.

To be honest I think New Orleans was the better choice.

Luckily my grandparents moved back to Texas so my parents could meet, fall in love, and make sure to have me in this state.

While I sit back and reflect on how I came to get so lucky to be born here I hope you can pop open a cold Shiner with your barbecue, afterward eating a bowl of Blue Bell and reflect on what this state means to you. God Bless Texas and a Big Texas Happy Birthday to all of us Texans!

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