Find What Feels Good

“God is in the details. Or the devil, depending on how you look at it.”-Adriene Mishler

Four years ago I rolled out a mat facing the double glass doors in my living room. My best friend ready to go next to mine, her laptop at the top of the mats with the video qued up. I was simply a click away from a person who would chage my life.

Fours years later on a rainy April Sunday in Austin Texas we rolled out our mats in a giant room and began the yoga class that made everything feel complet.

The pitter patter of rain in a Texas storm reminding me that all the chaos going on in my life was easily seperated by an intention.

The intention to take this moment to forgot about everything else and just find what feels good.

It is no secret that I love Yoga With Adriene. Her 30 day challenges gave me confidence, taught me that strenght comes from within, and brought me through some hard times. Usually ending in me crying with the final namaste.

On that rainy April Sunday I got to meet her. She was kind, down to earth, and just another yogi in the room. Surronded by good vibes and love from strangers we ventured into the flow.

It has been a while since I have regularly practiced yoga. I forgot that working out doesn’t just have to be intensity. I forgot that sometimes I can slow down and take an extra breath, connecting with the moment. I forgot to find what feels good.

As I lay on the mat in savasana I felt everything melt like butter. Becoming one in the room, one with the pitter patter of rain, one with myself again and it felt good.

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