One year ago today I took my very first kickboxing class. I bought it on groupon and thought I would try it for fun. I expected to slowly use the classes I had orgianlly bought and fallout of taking them after a few months. But the instructor I talked with was so nice and I didn’t know how to say no so I signed up for the class pass.

And wow was that very first day rough, right after class I ate some watermelon and got drunk at the pool and wondered if I did the right thing.

I thought that this would just be something I would do one to two times a week. I was told to get resolutes I would need to go three to four times. That sounded absolutly absuourd that anyone would go that many time a week!

But in September I realized going three times a week wouldn’t be that bad. So I upgraded myself from a class pass to a year unlimted memebership on a whim. And wondered if I did the right thing.

By November I was starting to fall in love with classes, getting stronger, and more importantly making new friends. I formed connections with people that can only be shared over sweating it out on the mat. Without a doubt I had found my workout place and subsequently my happy place.

I was once told by my yogi loving aunt that once you find an exercise you love working out will just make sense. In my pre-kickboxing days that made no sense. But I think it’s true. I have worked myself up to doing four to five days a week. This week I’m trying to do six. A year ago me would have laughed and said “no, not me.”

A year ago me could only do push ups on her knees. I still struggle hard core but today me can do a real push-up! I still feel like I’m dying and I defintly do them at a record slow speed. But the most important thing is that I am working on not dropping to do hand-release push-ups. Although some days I still struggle and do drop down, it’s all part of the process.

I have noticed the muscle definition in my arms, legs, stomach become more defined. Now my kickboxing bestie and me add burpees to our workouts. A year ago us would never have done that.

Kickboxing has given me a new layer of confidence. I not only feel better in my own skin, now I don’t feel so defenseless. I’m not looking to go out and pick a fight with anyone but I do feel that all those times I was put in a situation where I had to use my quick thinking and abilty to manuvere around what was happening is backed up my newfound skills to be a badass.

Joining the studio was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Not that day one drunk me in the pool could see that.

For me kickboxing gave me a stress reliever, happy place, and a new family. I hope one day you find your kickboxing. Maybe someday I’ll even see you on the mat.

Left June 14th 2018. Right June 13th 2019. Difference between one year!

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