It was valentines day 2019 and I was spending it with my best friend. We saw a movie, got dinner, and then went to Barens and Noble to get kids books for a baby shower when we found a table labled blind date with a book.

I had heard of these before and always felt intimidated to just grab a random book with no idea of the genre, writer, or style of the book. But Barnes and Noble figured it out. They put the genre on the book and gave you three hints.

I browsed through the selection looking for something that was fiction. I narrowed my selection down to a few. As I looked over the books that might be intresting I thought to myself go with the one that sounds the least likely you would read.

The pretty wrapping paper with a purple bow and pink tab read Lover of John Hughes, HELL, Teen Angest. I went with it.

Of course I was thinking something along the lines of Sixteen Candles. Instead I got a book about a thriteen year old girl who had died and gone to hell. Sitting in my apartment the devil on Damned by Chuck Palahniuk (the guy who wrote Fight Club) stared back up at me.

What had I gotten myself into. I would never have picked this book up. I read the description on the back and thought oh great I am going to hate this. But I started it that night any ways.

It took me about three and half months to get through the whole thing but I actually quite enjoyed the story. The book has a sequel and I think I want to get it.

I definitely think I would do it again. Especially if they give you the genre and three little clues.

I am trying to find a way to pass along it along so someone else can randomly get it and try the book out. I am on the hunt for one of those take a book leave a book things. I am going to write my name in the book along with how I got it and ask that whoever gets it next passes it randomly along to a friend, stranger, coworker, someone so it can live on as something we didn’t know we were asking for.

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