The Come Up

My dear friend
The come up
Is right around the corner

I know its hard to see
The darkness is swallowing us
Light forceably fleeing from our lives

Willed into a pathetic existance
The remaining light is faint
As if it's a trick of our brains

There has to be more than this
The come up
On the otherside of that dark hill

You are never alone
So take my hand
And we can stumble forward together

As life knocks us down
Chipping away at the happiness
We'll pull each other back up

Through all the pain
Figuring out our purpose
Fighting for a better day

The world is a bitter lonly place
That takes its revenge
On naieve souls

Each heartbreak let yourself grow
Remember to stay kind-let the positvity in
You don't have to become bitter and lonely

When you struggle
Reach out to find my hand
Fumbling in the darkness next to you

The world will grow a little lighter
Our eyes adjusting
As we light our way through

The other side will be bright
Brightness we forgot exsisted
Something that seemed to exist in silly old dreams

But once we adjust them
Letting our eyes see again
We will be at the come up

The light will fill your face
Your soul will soar
And your lips will spread into a forgoten smile


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