Home Planet

If Earth wasn’t my home planet
I would be from a place
Where gravity is lighter
So I could jump higher
Never tied down
To the limitations of this dirt
I would have bigger lungs
So I could stay under the water longer
The current intertwining us
As I dance with the fish
I would be free from needing so much sleep
So I could experience life longer
Living in the moment with eyes
Bag less and awake 
To the thought of missing this
I wouldn’t need contacts 
So I could always see
With a vision so clear 
That color would leap forward
And invite me to breath in deeply
Life wouldn’t feel fragile
So I could be more reckless
Eating anything I set my gaze upon
Running through life  
Without waiting for the overreaction
My body cooperating finally
If Earth wasn’t my home planet
I wouldn’t be human
Taking for granted 
The physical limitations
That keep me grounded in place
If everything was perfect 
Compared to this life
I would eventually see it as bland 
Unable to appreciate 
The scars of existence
If I never realized how fragile life is
Then I wouldn’t understand how to feel
And appreciate the fucked-up beauty
Of being human

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