This is the story of how in 30 days (more like 72) I got rid of 465 items in my life. The first day was an incredible high. I don’t know what it is about throwing away something and knowing you just unburdended yourself of a thing so trival but it feels like life is electrifying through you. Try it and you’ll understand!

My first item I got rid of was mascara I hadn’t used since 2016. Did you know that they expire! The packing will tell you the after opening life span and it usually isn’t three years.

Maybe you are getting an idea of what this game is about. It’s a challenge to lighten up your life with all the random crap you are hanging onto. With my impendeing move coming up having to lug less stuff down from my thrid story apartment became appealing real quick.

Even though I extended my lease by another year getting rid of a bunch of random stuff does feel really good. I feel like I have a new apartment that I can create space in that is more me today.

I am sure just like me you have a ton of stuff just laying around that you have been keeping just in case you might need it. Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself honestly that you really need that random trinket you got at that one event sometime years ago. I’ll save you the trouble. You don’t.

Maybe I have already inspired you to jump up and start the challenge (see the video here for insturctions). Maybe like day three me you are freaking out and saying I don’t have that much stuff to get rid of! Unless you are already living as a minimlist you do. Trust me.

Here is a list of some things I decided to get rid of

  • Clothes (scarfs, socks, clothes I havent worn in over a year…)
  • Trinkets
  • Hair accesorys
  • Makeup
  • Shoes
  • Holiday decorations
  • Kitchen crap
  • Books (made good money on old text books I haven’t touched since post graduation)
  • Expired spices and food shoved far back in the pantry
  • Old medicine

Hopefully the gears are turning in your head and you are saying wait I do have a lot of that stuff I never wear, use, have been lugging around, or shoved in a corner for years!

Pro tip: on the days that you find that you have more than your required number of items set them aside for a day when it feels impossible to get rid of anything. I did this with old clothes.

Once you have gone through all the stuff that is immediately in front of you try looking under sinks, in closets, attics, out of season clothes etc.

Also don’t worry if you do not complete the challenge in exactly 30 days. I started on June 11th and finished on August 22nd . Life happens and a lot of things are out of our control or too overwhelming to be done everyday. But that doesn’t mean you should give up. Take the break if you need to. Holidays, life emergencys, busy days happen. That is okay.

Challenge for you: Instead of throwing away old clothes that cannot be donated or sold find a place that recycles textiles. CCA website or a quick google search should have a good list for your area.

Idea for you: Clothes not being recycled can be donated, given to a friend, or sold. Samething with books, decorations, and trinkets.

Idea for you: When it comes to electronics you can recylce them at certain stores so they don’t end up in landfills, some places will even pay you for them. Again a quick google search is your friend.

This challenge has made my space feel less crowded. I look around and know that the things I have in my apartment are what I actually want to keep. Now that I am done I still am finding items I wish to discard from my life and making a new pile to get rid of.

Go forth and declutter your life my friends and let me know how it goes!

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