Life Is Beautiful: Peace Pilgrim

Life is like a mirror. Smile at it and it smiles back at you.

Peace Pilgrim

If life is like a mirror than what we put out into the universe is sure to reflect back to us. If we put out anger, hate, negativity then we are sure to get an ugly storm rained down upon ourselves. But if we show the world kindess even when its being very cruel we will attact that same engery back and be showered in love.

Intentions requested by us to a higher power are a very powerful thing. When we speak with intentions that are not ours we will receive what we do not need.

When we live a life that is purposeful and true to our natures intentions then what we are asking for we will get.

This requires a level of honesty with ourselves that we need to have in order to enter the next phase of our lives. Intentions reveal who we want to be, how we want to live, and where we are going.

To find the beauty in life through our intentions we need to be honest. Stand true to what we need and want.

When we stumble and change these intentions up to fit someone else’s narrative then we have stopped living our life and started imitating someone else’s. How can we see the beauty of our own life if we are not living true.

My challenge this week is to be true in my intentions. To mediate and figure out what I need and what I want. To search deep into myself and understand who I am and where I need to go.

I am working on smiling at the mirror and ready to see how it smiles back at me.

Feel good. Pass it on.

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