Life Is Beautiful: Marcus Aurelius

Dwell on the beauty of life

Marcus Aurelius

Ive been talking about the fact that I have depression and I want to dive in a bit deeper this week. As humans we spend quit a bit of our time dwelling on things.

We dwell on conversations we had, the opinions others have of us, our own perceptions of things, we dwell in the negative and sadness we feel.

A lot of people think that feeling sad is a bad thing. That we should just focus on the positive things in life and put the negative aside.

I think those people are wrong.

Don’t get me wrong being happy and positive is important. But for us to appreciate all the good things we first need to understand what it is like to be sad. If you are never sad, and more importantly accept that sadness then you will never know what it means to be happy and you will never apperciate it.

There is a beauty in sadness. We tend to only think of being sad as something that is wrong. When in fact sadness can be a beautiful expression of emotion that can lead to healing.

In order to be truly happy and overcome what has hurt us so deeply we must roll around in the sadness.

My challenge this week is to dwell in the sad beauty of life to lead me to healing.

I want to clarify what this means. I will not let the sadness consume me but I will let the sadness tell me what I need so desperatly to face. Cry, scream, laugh, whatever I need to do to accept what I need to. And move into a stage of healing.

I need you to heal. I need you to face your past. I need you to become the person you are meant to be.

Feel good. Pass it on.

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