13 Worst Ways To Die In A Movie: 2-Death by Freddy Kruger

Happy 13th day of the month! Ready for round two? I am! I would like to direct anyone who missed the first post and does not like horror or thriller movies to please go read my pretty poetry instead.

The second: dying at the hands of Freddy Kruger.

A lot of people die in their sleep. According to a very quick google search dying in your sleep is very common 1 out of every 8 people will go that way. Sounds peaceful and way too easy.

My advice if you ever find yourself in Nancys shoes is to invest in some strong coffee. And get real good at 20 minute power naps. I read one time that you can train your body to function on 8 20 minute power naps a day. I tried it one time but I didn’t have the will power. Or a man chasing me in my dreams. And not the good kind of chasing, if you know what I mean 😉

Let’s get back on track. The way that all the kids die really does suck. And I would not want to go out being tortured while I sleep. My bed is my comfy place where I am oh so very happy. So maybe that is why when, yes the hint from last week, Glen played in Johnny Depp’s debut film is blended up while he is just trying to relax in bed I get so upset.

Also who wants to see Johnny Depp blended up and have his liquid remains shoot up out of the bed like a volcano into the ceiling drenching blood everywhere.

I get that when Wes Craven made A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) Johnny Depp was an unknown so I can grasp why he was sacrificed so recklessly but I feel like it could have been a more dignified death. Maybe a nice peaceful throat slashing?

If you ever find yourself house shopping and you come across Elm Street and you are wanting/already have kids move along and find another street to live on. I promise your dream house is not here.

So there you have it. My number two way I would not want to die in a movie. Being blended up in my dreams by Freddy Kruger.

See you next month for movie three. Hint-one of its main characters comes in halfway through the movie, being a huge name it was a shocker to audiences. They were not advertised or even listed in the opening credits of the movie, all involvement was kept secret.

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