Life Is Beautiful: Rumi

Live as if everything is rigged in your favor.


I want to live life as if I have the confidence of a child again.

All the worrying and doubting of an adult weighs me down to think that things might never go in my favor. I feel stuck, like the world is working against me and I will never catch a break.

Somewhere along the path of growing up we let others take away the feeling that things could go right even in a situation where it all seems to be going incredibly wrong.

We learned to believe someone elses lie instead of standing in what we know to be true. Some of my favorite lyrics from the song Wasteland by NEEDTOBREATH remind me that “if God is on my side, who can be against me“. Too often we have given others permission to chip away at our self confidence. Letting them poke holes into our cup so we can never see it as half full, but instead as always draining.

Living in depression is like a blanket of sand that consumes you to give up and not move. Letting the weight of it all crash down and believing that your dreams will never be achieved. Depression hits hard feeling that your life is a mistake and you do not have a purpose.

My challenge for this week is to live with admiration, confidence, and courage of a child. I will work to see all the wonder in the world and believe that the universe is ultimatly working in my favor.

I know that things will take a direction I may not have anticipated but I will work on going with it and seeing the beauty in the path I am going down. Inside the disappointment I will choose to see that it is working for the better. I will understand that I am only able to see a few trees and not the entire forest.

I will learn to trust that God, the universe, all of it is on my side and working in my favor.

Feel good. Pass it on.

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