Life Is Beautiful: Unknown

Always believe something wonderful is about to happen


Hope can feel like walking the edge between extreme danger and a welcoming embrace.

Imagine taking a step back from yourself, laying all your hopes and dreams out in front of you, and trying to understand that the path you imagine taking is probably a narrow view of the larger picture.

It’s easy to get down and become angry with life when events do not go how we imagined them to play out. If we get what we want out of every moment of life then we will never grow. The best things come as we grow. And the path we so clearly wanted to take might just have been one that was going to lead you to a place you are not supposed to be. Life is not Burger King, you cannot always have it your way.

You are probably thinking that you know yourself so well that you know exacatly what you want. Maybe a few of you actually do. But I bet most of you only think you know what you actually want. You haven’t been ready to open yourself up to see the wonderful that is about to happen.

Think about yourself 10 years ago and try to remember who you thought you would be in this exact moment. A younger me expected to have her career figured out, be married, and have kids. That’s what I thought the path of an adult was supposed to be.

I am so grateful that I am not the person I imagined myself to be.

As I have not gotten things I badly wanted I have realized that those things are only my perception of what it must look like to be happy and feel good.

If I had gotten what I had wanted I would feel resentment towards a career I wanted, be married to the wrong person, and have kids I am not ready to raise.

What my high school self could not see was all the things that were going to add up and lead me to my breaking point were molding me into a person I am excited to see grow into the wonderful beauty that is about to happen.

My challenge for this week is to find the wonderful in situations I find myself in. Even if those situations go in a direction I couldn’t see or hoped wouldn’t.

Feel good. Pass it on.

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