13 Worst Ways To Die In A Movie: 3-Death by Eating

Happy 13th day of the month! Drum roll for number three…sike! I’m not going to reveal it that easily. Blah blah blah at this point if you haven’t figured out from the previous two months that this is not for the faint of heart and to go read my pretty poetry instead, then its all on you. Last warning! Not for the weak stomached…literally! Ha.

The second: dying while eating.

To get more specific-being forced to shovel food into your mouth till you die. Who wants to sit and just eat and eat until you are kicked in the side of the stomach and have it explode and then your stomach acid and contents and its all swimming around in you a mess! Ugh no thanks. I want to eat my next meal in peace thank you very much.

While the movie…not going to tell you yet…is using the act of eating to represent gluttony and as someone who has issues with food this strikes a deep nerve. And makes my whole body cringe in movements it should not be able to do physically.

While all seven deaths in this film are pretty bad except wrath (he needed to take a page out of Wes Cravens book) eating yourself to death sounds fun in theory. I can eat all the delicious cakes, cookies, ice cream, yum yum yum.

But you eventually would get to a point where it would stop being fun. And you would feel sick. We are not shown what happens in this scene between John Doe and the victim. My curiosity gets the better of me and I wonder what happened. I wonder if John Doe explained it to them. If he used the Bible to explain why the victim was being punished for gluttony.

Know the movie or actor yet? No, keep going.

How miserable must it have been to be told you cannot stop eating. Feeling so miserable about the fact that you enjoy food and the urge to eat, unable to control it. You needed help not to be made an example of. Having your hands tied behind your back and being kicked in the stomach hard until it burst.

But this is a movie, and the point was not to redeem people but show the world how we live deep in our own sin. The Seven (1995) deadly ones to be exact.

As the movie portrays wrath is the only one I would want to be killed by. I mean who doesn’t want Morgan Freemans voice or Brad Pitts face to be the last thing you see before death.

So there you have it. My number three way I would not want to die in a movie. Being forced to eat myself to death as Kevin Spacey (oops I said who it is, no take backs!) stands over me ready to kick my sides in.

See you next month for movie four. Hint-it is based on a true story and the reason I have a huge fear of living outside a city.

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