Life Is Beautiful: Anita Krizzan

We are mosaics-pieces of light, love, history, stars-glued together with magic and music and words.

Anita Krizzan

Every memory and action we make in our life adds another tessera (name for material used) to our personal mosaic. When you realize that you have artistic control over the development of your mosaic you are accepting responsibility for you and knowing you control the narrative.

As children we had little control over who was in our life and where we had to be. Ultimately a freedom we have as an adult is that you get to choose what you want to glue down.

You have control of your narrative.

While not everything is completely in our control once you start to think about it a lot is. The places we go, people, and things we allow into our lives directly affect the mosaic. Adding beauty or desruction.

The things that directly influence you shape the world you live in. You are the artist, you get to place the pieces. And the pieces you do not get to place, the ones that got forced down due to the bad things out of your control you get to choose what you are going to place next to it.

My challenege for this week is to take a look at what I am allowing to make an impact on me and evaluate if it is adding beauty or destruction. To look at all the pieces that have destruction etched in and start to heal from them and choose to surround them in beauty.

I get to choose from this point, here and now, what direction my mosaic will go in. And so do you.

Feel good. Pass it on.

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