Life Is Beautiful: John Muir

…new beauty meets us at every step in all our wanderings.

John Muir

I think we tend to ignore beauty that is not grand. It is easy to point out the magical moments that explode with fireworks and forget about the small things. Like how aesthetically pleasing our food can look when presented with all the colors of the rainbows. How a color pops out of a dull scene. How the air can smell sweet of childhood treats.

We forget to slow down and marvel in the beauty that meets us along our journey. Making it hard to see how beautiful life is. When we forget to take time to appericate the small beauty we make room for our brains to see the negative.

It takes time to retrain ourselves to see beauty. Hopefully by this point in the series you are seeing more beauty in life. But if you are still having trouble, as we all do some days, take a deep breath and look around you soaking in your surroundings.

If you still cannot find beauty around you marvel in the fact that sometimes there is beauty in slowing down and taking a moment for yourself. Focus on the positive energy that surronds you so you do not miss a single beautiful moment to come.

My challenge for this week is to meet the beauty no matter how small or how large as I wander along.

Beauty swirls in the air ready to meet us if we are ready to meet it. Be ready my friends, it is swirling all around you.

Feel good. Pass it on.

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