13 Worst Ways To Die In A Movie: 4-Worst Night Ever

Happy Friday the 13th! It is month four and the end of the year and I know your brain is focused on Hallmark movies, Santa, Baby Jesus…but come back for a few spooky moments to what I say is a true blend of a horror-thriller movie and let’s get scared together.

The fourth: your worst night ever.

When I saw The Strangers (2008) I was 13. I was terrified and enthralled all at once. And I knew at that moment I never wanted to live anywhere but the city (I did break my rule and briefly spent 5 months in the middle of nowhere Florida).

Sure you can get murdered in the city and maybe you are more likely too. But I have a feeling that it’s a lot harder to get tortured to death all night long for sport (unless this is The Purge (2013)). I just have a feeling that if I die in the city it will be quicker, help might get to me, and my body will be found faster. If I was in the middle of no mans country the murder would probably be sitting happy sipping a margarita in Mexico by the time they found my decomposing corpse.

Spoilers coming, if you would like to remain unaware skip down to the line that says: No more spoilers from here on out!

Let’s be real this movie is all around heartbreaking for James Hoyt (Liv Tylers love interest). He purposes to a girl he loves and dies at the end of the night. At least he didn’t have the humiliation of telling everyone he got rejected.

I had nightmares of Kristen McKay (Liv Tyler) stabbed repeadtly looking dead on the floor grabbing the poor little Mormon boy as he curisouly leanded over her seemingly lifeless body probably scared shitless.

No more spoilers from here on out!

The worst part about this movie is that it is based on a true story and the case was never solved. The murder probably saw the movie and laughed about all the things they got wrong and all the things they got right.

Pro tip: If your significant other invites you out to a romantic or fun weekend with the family or alone at the remote lake/mountian/beach/whatever house say no, I already have plans. They rarely make movies where it works out in anyones favor. (You’re Next (2011), Ready Or Not (2019))

So there you have it. My number four way I do not want to die in a movie. Being tortured to death by crazed people in the middle of nowhere.

See you next year for movie five. Hint-This movie is the reason I was so afraid of swimming in pools alone and it has 26 movies in its franchise.

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