Life Is Beautiful: Henry Miller

The moment one gives close attention to anything…it becomes a mysterious, awesome, incredibly magnificent world in itself.

Henry Miller

I feel like this quote can be interpreted in a lot of different ways. I want to center in on a deep intense focus. What we give our attention to is how we are telling the world we want to be precieved.

As a kid I was very into playing sports. I tried almost every kind and found my passions in soccer during my early childhood and basketball as I got older.

I found that I loved the intensity and competitiveness. As I got older and stopped playing I transitioned from an athlete into a fan. I became invested in my teams, traveing for fun, working in football, and finding the whole thing incredible.

I found a lot of beauty in the friendships, travel, and work I was a part of. I also learned to resistant it.

I learned that we need to find balance in our life. While something can look incredibly beautiful it holds the power to flip on us if we are not careful. I have taken a huge step back after college and lost a lot of the love I felt for sports.

Something in the past few months I have been learning to love again but this time with balance.

I feel like I have been preaching about finding the beauty in everything, I want to take a moment to remind myself and you that something that what looks incredibly beautiful when taken in large doses can become toxic to our lives.

We need to remember to find balance in the things we give our close attention to.

My challenge for this week is to examine what I give close attention to, what I should be giving close attention to, and what I need to stop giving close attention to.

Let’s love the things we enjoy. Let’s enjoy the “mysterious, awesome, incredibly magnificent world”. Let’s find balance in everything we do.

Feel good. Pass it on.

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